Soil is the source of all life, literally and metaphorically. All life comes from the mother soil and returns to her. I love soil as my mother and take care of her. Soil contains earth, air, fire and water. She is nature herself.

If my outer body is soil, then my inner being is the soul. As I cultivate the soil to grow food for the body, I take care of the soul and cultivate love, compassion, beauty and unity to realize the harmony within and without. When I am at ease, within, I am at ease without. I am at ease with the whole of humanity. Through caring for soil I am a member of the Earth community and through caring for society I am a member of the human community. Billions of people, with their diversities of cultures and colours, are one human family. I suffer with their suffering and I rejoice in their happiness. Then I can transcend in the sphere of equanimity.

Therefore the trinity of Soil, soul, Society is a way of saying in three words that we are all related, interconnected and interdepèndent. This is a trinity of wholeness and unity of life in its myriad forms.


Satish Kumar

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